HNATA (ヒナタ) Profile (Updated!)

HNATA Profile and Facts:
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HNATA is an artist under EXPOSITION, he made his debut in 2019.

Stage Name: HNATA / ヒナタ
Birth Name: Gilang Wisnandar
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: 171 cm / 5’8″
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Indonesian
Spotify: HNATA
Instagram: kitelikenerves

HNATA Facts:
– His MBTI is ENFJ.
– Favorite Color: Blue. His mom have said that it suits him the most.
– On the 4th Jan.2019, he made his debut with the single, ‘Slowtime’.
– However he has been in the music industry since 2016 with the Jakarta based duo, rebelsuns.
– He’s in the crew; MFNE (Make Friends Not Enemies).
– His favorite K-POP group is TWICE, his bias is Jihyo. He has been a ONCE (TWICE Fandom Name) since their debut.
HNATA have seen TWICE live about 3 times.
– He has worked with artists such as HARMS, aleebi, Lydia Ganada, and more.
– Since he was in middle school, he has always wanted to do music.
– He ended up falling in love with writing songs to express how he’s feelings.
– His favorite Korean solo artist is DPR LIVE.
HNATA‘s hobbies are playing video games, and working out.
– For him, the ability to collaborate and meet many people is the fun part about being an artist.
– The hardest part about being an artist is trying not to compare yourself with someone else.
– He gets his inspirations for music based on mood, and colors. He does however think of Tokyo when he wants to write an emotional song (he doesn’t know why).
bearface of BROCKHAMPTON is an artist he wants to collaborate with.
– His favorite songs of his own are, ‘Slowtime‘ and ‘TALK!‘.
– He really loves the songs; ‘Text Me‘ by DPR LIVE, and ‘All I Wanna Do‘ by Jay Park.
HNATA has been listening to NewJeans a lot, even trying to learn their choreographies.
– He doesn’t have a life motto, but JYP‘s advice really stuck with him; “Start from your heart and finish with your brain“. (YT VIDEO)
– To be able to do music for as long as he can and enjoy life is his dream.
– He hopes in 5-10 years that he’s still doing music, and is able to provide help for a younger generation by making opportunities happen for them.

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Latest MV Release: TALK!

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